The plastic sector is one of the promising export sectors of Bangladesh. At present there are around 5,000 plastic enterprises in Bangladesh which are located in different districts of the country including Dhaka, Chittagong, Narayanganj, Khulna, Comilla, Bogra and Rajshahi. Besides this foreign direct investment based plastic toy manufacturing factory has also been established in export processing zones. This sector has been able to create employment of 1.2 million people and produces a variety of products for domestic use as well as for the export market. Plastic is regularly used in garment factories, healthcare, and automotive industries. Plastic products produced in the country are: household goods, packaging products for food processing, pharmaceutical & FMCG industry, shopping bag, garments bag and accessories, toy, sanitary items, cosmetics, pvc pipes etc.

Bangladesh exported plastic products to 119 countries of the world including USA, UK, Canada, EU, China, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal. World’s biggest buyers such as Walmart, Carryfore, Tesco, Ikea are one of the buyers of Bangladeshi household plastic products.



Bangladesh’ Main Plastic Product Exports:


Key plastics export products (USD) 

20-21 21-22
Polyethers and epoxide resin 4,190,584 18,602,470
Waste and scrap, of plastics 13,709,874 22,770,764
Other plates of plastic, not reinforced 7,097,854 23,318,079
PVC bags, lids, caps and stoppers 23,284,249 26,388,578
Tableware and kitchenware 36,657,298 40,548,101
Total Plastics Export 110,977,706.87 166,247,422.90

Source: EPB Export data



Leading Companies:

  • RFL Plastics Ltd.
  • Partex Plastics
  • Gazi Plastics
  • Bengal Plastics Ltd
  • Navana Plastics
  • Aman Plastics
  • N Mohammad Plastic Industry
  • Tanveer Polymer Industries Ltd.
  • Akij Plastics Limited
  • National Polymar Industries Ltd


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