Light Engineering


Light engineering is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of Bangladesh. Light Engineering Industries, the cornerstone of economic development providing platform for job creation and economic growth, play a significant role in augmenting industrial base and volume of foreign trade in Bangladesh. This sector is very much potential in terms of low capital investment, low energy cost and environment friendly production process.

Bangladesh produces various types of light engineering products comprises a wide variety of parts/ component, intermediate and final goods including industrial machinery, (spare) parts for transport equipment, bicycle and parts thereof, electrical equipment and parts thereof (such as switch, socket, light, channel, cable, fan, generator, compressor, accumulator, transformer), ferrous and non-ferrous casting products, mold and die, agricultural machinery, printing and packaging machinery, construction machinery, and a number of spare-parts for almost all categories of machinery and equipment. This sector is a labor intensive one and a large number of skilled and semi-skilled labor forces are engaged here. Around 600,000 people are employed by almost 40,000 LE companies in Bangladesh.

We have cost-competitive human resources pool and comparative advantages such as simplified importation facility of raw materials, duty free market access to a number of destinations which are influential factors for making product competitive. Government has given priority to transport and communication development. In the export policy of 2021-24, the government declared light engineering sector (auto parts and bicycle, Motor cycle, Battery etc) as highest priority sector and the government is providing financial and other facilities to expand this sector. Government is also providing 15% cash incentives on export for this sector.

Bangladesh Export of Engineering Products:

value in Million US$

Products Export for
Export for
Export for
Export for
Export for
a) Iron Steel (HS Code 72,73) 48.56 63.25 55.95 128.86 154.68
b) Copper Wire (HS Code 74) 53.18 37.59 24.77 55.24 67.98
c) Stainless Steel ware (HS Code 82) 4.37 8.11 4.00 3.03 3.74
d) Engineering  Equipment (HS Code 84) 41.38 52.73 66.47 96.31 241.56
e) Electric Products (HS Code 85) 61.96 61.21 39.39 67.48 100.10
f) Bicycle (HS Code 8712) 85.73 84.24 82.84 130.89 167.95
g) Others 60.79 34.17 19.50 47.19
Total Export of Engineering Products 355.97 341.3 292.92 529 795.63

Source: EPB


Leading Company:

Electronics and electrical goods
01 Alim Industries Limited
02 Power Trade Eng Ltd
03 Walton Hi tech Ind. Ltd.
04 Siraj Cycle Industries Ltd.
05 Ripon Engineering Works
06 North Bangle Cycle Ind Ltd.
07 R Industries Ltd.
08 Power Trade Eng Ltd
09 K & Q Bangladesh Ltd
10 Samah Razor Blades Ind. Ltd.
11 Gonga Foundry Limited
12 Hoque Corporation
13 Bangladesh Luxury Handicrafts Ltd
14 Swiss Biohygienic Equipments Ltd.
15 Cathweld Construction Co.Ltd.


Automobiles and Spare parts
01 Hossain Motors
02 IFAD Autos Ltd.
03 Aftab Automobiles.
04  Bangladesh Auto Industries Limited.
05 Bangladesh Honda Private Limited
06 Niloy-Hero Motors
07 Bangla Cars.
08 Jamuna Electronics & Automobiles Ltd.


01 M/s Uniglory Cycle Industries ltd.
02 Uniglory Cycle Components Ltd.
03 M&U Cycle Industries ltd.


01 Rancon Motor Bikes Limited Suzuki Motorcycles.
02 Bangladesh Honda Private Limited.
03 Jamuna Automobiles.
04 Niloy-Hero Motors (joint venture between Hero MotoCorp and Niloy Motors)
05 Runner Automobiles.
06 TVS Auto Bangladesh.
07 Walton Motors.


01 Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited
02 Hamko Batteries Ltd


01 Rahimafrooz Accumulators Limited


01 Rangpur Metal Industries Ltd Unit-2


Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
01 Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd.
02 Sinobangla Industries Ltd. (Unit-II)


Electrical Appliances
01 Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd.


 Electrical Cables
01 Bengal polymer Wares Ltd Ltd.
02 BRB Cables Industries Ltd


Relevant Private and Government Institutions:

  • Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Center (BITAC)
  • Pilot Plant and Process Development Center (PP & PDC)
  • Training Institute of Engineering Industry Owners Association
  • Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners Association (BEIOA)
  • Automobiles Components & Accessories Manufacturers Association (ACAMA)
  • Bicycle & Parts Manufacturer & Exporters’ Association (BBPMEA)
  • Electrical Merchandise manufacturer Association (BEMMA)