Business Credit Bureaus


Graydon is a commercial provider of business credit information and data intelligence.

The fee based service:

  • Checks a company credit score by undertaking a company search
  • Provides business intelligence solutions for Credit Management, Marketing Information and Risk & Compliance
  • Has a global coverage, and offers information on over 90 million companies


Credit Safe produces reports to help better understand companies that international businesses want to do business with. The concern has reports on over 350million companies worldwide. Its reports cover a wide range of industry sectors and offers some of its reports for free. Its reports:

  • Verify if a company is genuine
  • Give a score to a company’s credit level and recommend a maximum credit imit for a company
  • Provide an overview of the company’s financial performance
  • Verify the identity of the company directors
  • Reveal the true ownership of the company
  • Provide risk indicators e.g if the company has any late or missed payments.


Dun & Bradstreet is an old and reputed name in the domain of company credit reporting. let you see clearly and quickly what a company’s payment behavior is really like and how that affects its contractual obligations and future health. Thier comprehensive business credit reports contain more than just operational information and trade payment history. They consist of multiple types of credit scores that range from predictive (future) and performance-based (historical) to showcase a company’s reliability and financial stability.

Reading a business credit report allows you to assess risk across an organization to uncover hidden dangers and potential hazards and make more intelligent risk decisions


Uses data to help people and organisations to assess, predict, plan

and protect themselves. They are custodians of data on over 1.3 billion people globally.


  • Experian provides business credit reports.
  • Obtains background information on a business, including liens, judgements, and bankruptcies.
  • Orders company financial information, credit score and risk factors.
  • Accesses banking, trade & collection history.

EU-SME CENTRE – Knowing your Partners in China

“Knowing your partners in China” is a concise guide to due diligence regarding potential business partners in China.

From verifying a company’s administrative and legal standing to checklists for visits to the partner’s premises, it covers all areas basic due diligence is concerned with.